Dutch Honours Conference 2021:

Brave New World

Due to the measures taken to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, we decided to move the Dutch Honours Conference to May 2021.
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7 May 2021









Brave New World

Our world is ever-changing and developing at a fast pace. To anticipate on an inter-connected future society, we need people from different fields working together to solve complex problems and to understand the multidisciplinary contexts in which they occur. Hence, after a long age of continued specialisation, the technical and social branches of science and philosophy are intertwining once more.

On Friday the 7th of May 2021, the Dutch Honours Community aims to bring 200 Honours students from different studies and backgrounds together in Enschede. Under the theme “Brave New World”, we aim to reinforce and broaden your perspectives on both science and society. During this conference, you will be introduced to a variety of topics through mind-blowing lectures, interesting discussions and inspiring workshops. After all, we need different views from excellent students to truly understand the issues of tomorrow. Together with the Dutch Honours students and our partners, we can start to engineer our future at the Dutch Honours Conference 2021!

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